Tuesday, February 3, 2009

About the Blog,,Standpoint


Atul Kumar Thakur

Male/Born on 22nd July 1984



-B.A(Hons) In Political Science(Banaras Hindu University)

-Post Graduate Diploma In Financial Management(Pondicherry University)

-N.S.E Certification In Financial Markets(Derivatives Module)

-N.S.E Certification In Financial Markets(AMFI(Mutual Funds Advisors Module)

-Diploma In Banking & Finance(Pursuing from IIBF)


-Associate Member,Indian Institute Of Public Administration,New Delhi

-Consulting Member,Indian Council For Cultural Relations,New Delhi

-Associate Editor,ANTIKA(A Quarterly Journal In Maithili Language)


Quality of Intrest primarily shaped by one’s potential to trace subtle Inferences from their standpoint,so,at best It depicts one’s finest part of consciousness&consine.

                                                                                                                        Though,Its not easy for me to explicit my area of Interest,despite this what I think my Interest carry best of my Ideas&enthusiasm towards every beat of meaningful happening Inside the cosmos.

  Inded,such choices promotes me to establish an ethical equilibrium between the rationality & romanticism which further entails a path canopied with humane concern&responsibility bearing.Eventually my Interest confluence with sanguine spirits and It makes me ready to serve my responsibility.Voracious reading,wandering,music,cinema,sports and ofcourse some good company Immensely assists me In my voyage.


I perceive blog as a wonderful medium to communicate one’s best of creative Ideas about respective specialization and area of Interest.

                                                                        Functional viability and broad reachablity are two major characteristics of blog which helps to decipher many abstract facts and broadening the horizon of a perpetual blog devout.

                                                                                A blog can be summed as one’s Ideological platform where mastership of a blogger remains Intact until they produce the things judiciously.Like literature or any conventional medium,Its also follows some ethos which proposes some morale binding for a prospective as well for an established blogger.So,Its quite essential to preserve and strengthen one’s commitment to see the things In right shape before maneuvering.

                                                                      Oftenly I thought that why one should opt for a blog Instead of go to the conventional mode?atleast I found two very strong conviction In favour of the blog,first;Its an ultimate form to articulate and refresh one’s views and second;It revolts against the servility of thoughts which Incorporates a meticulous actor who can see the world through their own standpoint without being the slave of any political party or Ideology.

                                         In today’s time,we are facing Insurmountable pressure from different sides and getting ourselves accustomed for such adversaries without looking Its upshots and Its upcoming Impacts.

                                                      Both tangible and Intangible pressure arised by market maniac In the name of leadership creates chaos In our daily life,but even In this situation a common men can’t act vengefully.

                                                         This Is very alarming to see even the people who hails from the top notch do not being shy to act In scatty manner,such state of affairs creates nothing but sense of deception for sleazing act by Irresponsible decision makers.


  Common men see these things In disgust but most of time they remains like mute spectators because either they lacking a platform to share their point of view or,never they feel such motivation to react effectively against the Imported discrepancies.

                                           Here I see blog as a great medium of metamorphosis, because its allows someone to turned from being  a mute expectator  to an active commentator, though the degree of successes or ,relevance of creativity entirely shaped by the commitment and expertise of a  bloger.

Hence ,before maneuvering to a creative medium like blog . It becomes imperative to have a proper standpoint to deal with diverse set of topics and its concrete evaluation.

                                To being a part of creative sphere it demands a sizable amount of perspective which taking place during a person’s experiment with key components like reading, wandering, visualizing unusual things…etc.quality of such experience one gains normally shaped one”s ones vision to see the life.   

Before maneuvering for my blog I myself tried my best to come out through this process, so whatever I experienced in my life would be revolved through the contents of writing and scale of depths.

          Apart from my good habit of reading and learning iformally;some company with litrary figures  stimulate me for writing .InMaithlii I would be like to recall the name of Gourinath Jee (Editor of Antika in Maithlii and Baya in Hindi) and Vidyanand Jha(Maithlli Poet and Faculty of Organisational Behaviour,IIMK) Who encourages me a lot to write with porpuses.

               I sensed it as a great privilege to have a continuous support of word from top Indian Literature like respected Uday Prakash, Mahasweta Devi; which played pivotal role in maximization of my writing concern for the downtrodden class who generally denied access to basics of life, in there company I became able to visualize the voice of the masses on pan Indian bases.

                                           Two more name I wish to commemorate with honour ;first of prof Ram kirti shukla(Retired prof,Department of English,B.H.U) who immensely lend his scholarly support by which I greatly benefited in the realm of literary theories ;second name is of a great Historian and author Mr Ramchandra Guha whose name is  counted on the world’s hundred most Influential public intellectuals;in last two years my perpetual communication with him leads me to form genune perspectives on crucial issues.As an author ,Historian and a person he is a superb mix of excellence whose point of view and way of writing influenced me immensely.

So,in my voyage on blog I would do my best to serve meaningful causes with open eyes and genune standpoint….                                      - Atul K Thakur











  1. Here I see blog as a great medium of metamorphosis, because its allows someone to turned from being a mute expectator to an active commentator, though the degree of successes or ,relevance of creativity entirely shaped by the commitment and expertise of a bloger.
    Thanks Atul ji

  2. A consineful innovation like standpoint deserves a lot of admiration and blessings-Ashutosh Thakur,New Delhi

  3. I wish you a very warm prospect for your voyage on blog-Arun Kr Jha,Sahibabad

  4. Have a fine initiation-Santosh,Varanasi

  5. Blog is really a very fine medium of expression if it is used by judicious motives;I enjoyed a lot on your blog-Prashant Mishra,Madhubani

  6. I am quite agree with your standpoint-Barun,New Delhi

  7. tooooooooooooo lengthyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    break it into pages

  8. Thanks Dear Atul,
    I could just flicked through your blog.It really looks impressive.Leaving for Kolkata when back I'll read and write something.
    Thanks for sending it to me.
    Uday Prakash

  9. Dear Atul,
    Your blog is really worth.It's my fault as I don't get time ti sit properly and make an appropriate comment over it.Irony is this,that one who can read write is put in a situation by the system,where he/she is nade to run and toil for survival.I'll write something soon,please wait...
    Uday Prakash
    Thursday,April 9th 2009.

  10. Dear Atul,
    Thanks for touching base after our brief meeting.I have gone through your blog too and it is indeed intresting.I see that adress topical and unique issues with a special flair.Best- Venkitesh Ramakrishnan(Deputy editor,Hindu Group),July2009,New Delhi