Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Views in Letters

I have been a long standing relationships with THE HINDU group since its provides me best impetus to look after on various issues. So, in my long association, often I found it imperative to feedback with my views...So I opted the letters page of FRONTLINE to decipher my tiny views but with genuine concern towards the contemporary happenings.

Recession, frontline (April 10, 2009)
The global financial meltdown has had an adverse effect on India (“Vanishing Jobs”, March 13). The service sector is facing setbacks and its magnitude is not less than in the U.S. In such circumstances a balanced approach needs to be taken by our policymakers to arrest the financial mayhem.

Sri Lanka, frontline (March 13, 2009)
The Sri Lankan military’s breakthrough will lessen the scale of violence inside the northern region but will not end the ethnic conflict until a genuine political solution is found by the government with the consent and participation of Tamils( Cover Story, February 27). The LTTE must realize its strategic limitations and should move towards a political solution of the problem.

GAZA, frontline (February 27, 2009)
Israel’s barbaric attack on Gaza is the biggest violation of international laws in recent times and is just another move to destabilize the Palestinian state (“Massacre of the innocents”, January 30). The action also raises questions on the silence of the international community. India should reassess its ties with Israel.

Atul Thakur,Ghaziabad,U.P

Afghanistan’s losses, frontline (April 26, 2002)
A prolonged phase of civil war and unrest in Afghanistan since the fall of the communist government led to the systematic destruction of ancient cites such as Aikhanoom, Begram, and Hadda (“Vandalised Afghanistan”, March 29). The destruction of cultural heritage is nothing but barbarism.
Atul Thakur,Madhubani, Bihar


  1. A very consineful set of views..great experiment in letters-Vishwajeet,Kolkata

  2. Atul Ji,
    I went through the Frontline and am extremelly pleased to know of the facts.I am sure more and more success will follow in the days to come.
    Do let me know of your progress-Amitav Thakur,IPS(UP Cadre),Wednesday,February 18th 2009.