Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Disgusting Services

It wouldn't be an oversight assertion to term various services as disgusting if the conditions of such services in our country could be hardly visualized in lapidary state. Lagging of services also shouldn't be seen alone as sheer partial lapse of services mechanism instead it now getting matured as full grown maladies that's need an immediate checkout by the respective agencies( Both Government and private).
I lamenting to quote the weakness of basic services among common peoples across the country even after attaining of considerable strength of economy and overall balance position at global platform. Bad availablity of services are hazardly haunting in various ways to maintain a balance and productive circumstances which left numerous pitfalls in growth agenda.

It's quite unfortunate that basic services like, water, electricity, transportation, health, education etc are turning to be the prerogative of affluent; such clouts are dampening the morale of a pool of population who simply found incompatible to maintain the parity vis-a-vis the affluent counterparts. Amidst such disproportionate basic facilities; living in even a prime National Capital Region like Ghaziabad could be a quite terrible experience during the summer season.
On an average,number of hours of load shedding ranges between eight hours to eighteen hours daily, for burning midnight light candle remains the most viable option because of other deficient power back ups.Indeed such facts can astonished those who have only the extrinsic views about the prosperity of these NCRs that shaped through their fame to fetching billions dollar worth of investments from across the world.
Health is a most vital aspect for all living creatures which needs utmost care for smooth progress of life but there are many impediment in the way of such materialization since Government facilities are hardly adequate. Further it paves the way of exploitation and a vicious circle for the economically marginalized section in the hand of private players; they charged exorbitant price and offers no guaranteed services.
From a humane perspective it's quite essential to provide basic health facilities at affordable price which could be possible only through an effective government mechanism; Cuba may be a formidable example in this regard as their medical teams valued topmost among its human resources. But presently very sorry state of affairs prevails in our country to cope with the challenges of effective and inclusive health facilities.

Two months back,I had made frequent visits to AIIMS for looking on a my close relative who was than under-treatment there, I got struck to see the prevailing stark condition there; patient have to wait for months to have their turns, despite being an urgent and a high profile case,even my patient finally got operated after falling on two dates of surgery. Cause were cited by the management like absence of Anesthetic which shall hardly justifiable in India's top notch institution like AIIMS; no doubt pressures surmounts too much high on it's staffs as being a lone hospital of such caliber but that shouldn't lessen their concern for existing patients.
Snatching are very frequent in Delhi's buses and its very hard to escape from this noble experience at least once before becoming excessively careful for ones stuffs.

I lost my cell phone during same days in May; my remorse was more deeper for the precious messages and numerous contacts apart from hassleful formal obligation which I had to make... anyway I lodged my complain to S.H.O about the theft of my cell phone ( AIIMS), but further task was much daunting for me as I had to spoil my energy to visit Vodafone outlet for atleast five times to regain my lost telecommunication identity.
Theirs approaches were so cumbersome and repetitive that they couldn't entertain any queries even a minute after their stipulated working hours... I had to got back once for the same reason. In other more instances we have to face such creeping attitudes of various service providers without having any valid causes; most of time we surpassed such inconvenience because of time-crunch but such occurrence after all makes us more vulnerable in basic facilities.

Recovering from such maladies needs a strong civic sense and commitment for collective welfare; social initiatives would be the genuine impetus in this regard but for its enforcement at broader level meticulous political strategy would be equally required. Good governance and sound civic action can lessen the pain of inadequate service structure.... my candle is flickering now, so I have to imagine about the new dawn in deep darkness.
Atul Kumar Thakur
July 29th, 2009, New Delhi

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