Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Letters to Frontline-II

Subtle views have their own specialty to comprehend and rationalize the crux of matters. Present post is just the way forward in this manner... these letters have been emerged straight out of my concern with respective issues…

Budget2009 (August14, 2009, Frontline)
The Budget marks the shift of the second UPA government from the Common Minimum Programme to a programme of more liberalization. To infuse new hope into the economy it is essential to come up with a strategy that is suited to our own requirements of inclusive development instead of borrowing ideas.

Public banks (September11, 2009, Frontline)
The manner in which the Indian Banking Association acted towards almost ten lakh Public Sector bankers is a matter of grave concern (“Strike notice”, August14). The proposed merger of banks is another serious issue. It cannot be applied to the subsidiaries of State Bank of India and other nationalized banks as their business model is distinct from that of the Regional Rural Banks (RRBs). The IBA must opt for an amicable solution taking into consideration the genuine demands of the bank unions. The splendid performance of Public Sector banks in these adverse times and the implementation of the sixth pay commission report in various government departments make the bankers’ demand justifiable.

Afghanistan (October9, 2009, Frontline)
The United States has no exit strategy from its present more than half a decade involvement in Afghanistan (“Obama’s unspoken trade off”, September11). It is shocking that the military action is being prolonged by president Obama.
The United Nations must intervene to end this long, disastrous occupation and ensure swift justice for civilians. Members of NATO must think of the price they are paying for being the U.S.’ allies in its so-called war against terror.

(Atul Kumar Thakur
Ghaziabad, U.P)
September 27th 2009, New Delhi

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  1. Innovative way of pressentation...I don't think size matter most than its contents,so letters can speak candidly.
    Sanjaya Gupta
    New Delhi