Friday, January 29, 2010

Breaking Points before Innovation

Innovation stands for the introduction of noble things, ideas or ways of doing something that has been introduced systematically or discovered randomly. Infact, innovations are experiment that emerged out from the cognitive order of its progenitor and at best reflect an ideal situation possible through its meticulous execution in a proper given set of order albeit lot of peoples afraid to be in touch with such propositions as they believed it a shaky hypothesis which refrain them for an experimental upswing.
Indeed getting away from innovation poses far reaching adverse impact upon that system or organization concerned which not only cause for their lagging behind in productive features rather it push back the soul of business to extreme low which proves alarmingly negative in longer course. So, in no circumstances, innovations have any alternative and possibly any way out to improve the efficiency at individual or corporate level come through redressing the blockade components of innovation.

It requires thriving and striving to trace out some common phobias about the appropriation of innovations in existing order of a set up…amazingly its very simple as most of the negative perception generated by the complicated yet popular beliefs.
At primary level-fear of change, cost involve in execution of new ideas, deficient awareness, non existence of handimanship qualities are foremost as these four seems most inherent in most of cases. At secondary level-poor leadership, gap between top &bottom up thinking, dismal flow of information and bureaucracy (both government and corporate) further heighten this insecurity to the peak level; this level is out-rightly damaging as it deals with all the crucial affairs of administration.

Eventually at tertiary level-feeble appreciation and low response for final outcome added the grief of a potential innovator; unfortunately these possible chances makes a potential innovator disdainful to enter in the fray as they see very low incentives ahead in their venture.
Obstacles are numerous nevertheless it wouldn’t be virtuous for anyone to completely loose their heart before heading-on with the real situation in their own best meticulous capacity; a systematic resonance could upfront with the many oddities if it pragmatically infused in an order, so, those positive mindsets finally reached to the triumph at the end of day as they would always poised to do things in true spirits to attain the level of innovation in their venture.

Now the perceptions are slightly being improved to accommodate innovations in existing order since the many big daddies of corporates and governments of rapidly growing economies of the world necessitates about the viability of constructive change that is positive sign indeed; at last there may be hope all around that each these slow rate of drops would improve the water level of bucket besides enthusing the peoples from all strata to march for innovative practices in their area of specializations.

A change irrespective of its volume matters because it creates sense to visualize the things in different perspectives…among the wish list, validation of alternative ideas and capacity would be on the crest as many chronic monotonous conceptions would be washed away in the perennial floods of innovations. Like Rancho of 3Idiots, a man can pass through the process of metamorphosis…being an idiot to the long-lasting hero of masses…indeed Rancho is right in saying” follow your dreams…success would accompanied it”.
Atul Kumar Thakur
January25th 2010, New Delhi


  1. I am amazed to see your grip on so many subjects-today the term INNOVATION,despite being a buzzword,denotes fresh hope if could be put in right place.I also gone through your earlier writings on the innovations...your words for financial inclusion deserves all good wishes.