Thursday, October 21, 2010

Development-Essential theme for Bihar

The Bihar Legislative Election of 2010 is going to be remarkable on many counts; especially it would leave a high shot ground for acid test among the peoples of this state. Aspirations that led to ending of fifteen years parochial rule during the 2005 election and succession of a trusted man called Nitish Kumar is still very much resonant and relentless for completion of turnaround in the Bihar. The three spoiler stakeholder in Bihar politics since 1990-Congress, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Ramvilas Paswan accounted for irreparable socio-economic losses that completely broken the soul of this region and forced to camouflage the state into a mockery institution.
Peoples were dragged to clown status under the black sordid political state of affairs…hopelessness were as rampant as loss of opportunities inside the state-institutional proposals like opening of IIM in Patna used to be ridiculed by non the other than Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav; crime had overt patronization from CM office and enterprises under this Dickensian collaboration were fixed ransom and other inhumane trade.

The pseudo assertion of social justice flashed much in start during the early nineties when simultaneously Mr.Yadav has started demeaning the party structure for a lethal nexus of caste and religion. Surprisingly, in spite of partial treatment to Muslim-Yadav combine and staggering statistics in terms of their representation, plight of common folks from these communities as well didn’t remain indifferent from rest of oppressed Bihari. Power and prestige used to be the prerogative of either the close one from kinship or die-hard sycophants without having personal character for judgment between right or wrong.
Caste remained a factor in the politics of Bihar albeit it was never so blind folded before the nineties…worst of all, confusion among the Communist brigade and theirs parasiteness over Congress finally consumed their impressive base in north and middle Bihar that fuelled the situation further. Their’s stake didn’t remain the same again after the mid nineties…meanwhile once a sporadic performer in state, BJP emerged as a substantial force following their strategic alliance {NDA}accession in Delhi-theirs paradox partnership with disillusioned Nitish Kumar started from here. I am reiterating over the word “paradox” since despite representing contrast views on some crucial issue; they could remain together with eyeing the path of development as major plank for politics in Bihar.

Before the British colonialism, terrains of present Bihar known for the all good reasons; later the Bengal presidency proved to be worst on development indices-following the shifting of British base from Calcutta in 1911.However, the state of this region, Assam, Bihar, Meghalaya, Orissa, Tripura, West Bengal improved a lot for at least next two decades after the independence but in present scenario, only Bihar could be figured out on the healthy development criteria.
Once “An Area of Darkness” termed by “The Economist”, Bihar today is a beacon of fair change among the Indian state with consistently relying upon the sole framework of development. Despite facing the massive floods and successive two years of drought with spiraling two-digit inflation, state did fairly well in improving physical infrastructure, law&order, education, primary health facilities etc-besides growth of service sector and checking an outbound migration is Herculean accomplishment.

With the less volatile contribution of tertiary sector {59.5%}, State GDP growth registered an average 11.35%in the last five years against an average of merely 3.5%in the RJD rule-Per Capita Income rose from Rs7, 442 in year2004-05 to Rs13, 559 in 2008-09. Poverty rate too halted at 38%-a satisfactory level even if not an ideal figure; these statistics are not manipulated as the State’s Economic Survey2010 has been closely monitored by the Central agencies and other think tanks working in the sphere of economic research. Apart from political compulsions, Nitish Kumar government has shown enough willingness for change with appropriation of dynamicism and innovation that were a long due.
He emphatically focusing on the balance prospect of growth, especially in the social domain-after five years, he is indeed now more capable to lead Bihar towards a bright economic prospects; if he would come back whose chances are very strong than state of affairs will touch an unprecedented positive pace. For me, it’s a matter of great exuberance that at least Bihar among the Indian States is banking upon the theme of development. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Arunachal Pradesh to Rajasthan –themes of politics are different and governance is being put aside. Development of Bihar is essential for itself and whole nation…hope the political laboratory of India would manufacture some sensible inferences out of the verdict in this election.
Atul Kumar Thakur
October20, 2010, Wednesday, New Delhi


  1. Bihar is truly poising for a revolutionary change...hope the new government would continue the flame started by Nitish Kumar.It would be best to see another five years rule under Nitish Kumar-Nikhil DevSen

  2. The Expectations with Nitishjee was very high which is not fulfilled but yet he showed the world that Bihar is having Potential to grow against all the odds. This is called a true leadership. Not only we Biharis but also the people from other regions in India are praising our C.M. Er Nitish Kumar. lets see what next will happen next.

    Prafull Jha

  3. Thanks Prafull,
    You are right,even the scholar like Ramchandra Guha is rating Nitish Kumar as the most thoughtful leader of Bihar and also India.He absolutely deserves a second chance....though his cohorts are equally undeserving.
    Atul Thakur