Monday, January 24, 2011

Essential Reconciliation

Two most remarkable politician till date in the democratic history of Nepal,Prachanda and Babu Ram Bhattrai is indeed sharing a symbolic bond by wearing this meaningful "Paag'{Maithil Cap}for public but their internal differences have even crossed the level and dignity of spat.Prachanda, with whom the genesis of radical politics begub in the Himalayan state had always remain averse to allign his whole agenda with public or even trusted cadres..with immense merit and acceptance,it's hardly unlikely that he is not finding easy to cohabit with another high rank man in his camp.

The tantrums regarding the potential Indian role in hijacking the key of Maoist brigade is one of biggest folly of Prachanda which have been so far and may be in future will be keep haunting the internal as well the external prospects of Nepal. Baburam Bhattarai has reason to be closer with India as he spent his formative years in this nation,even during the long insurgency era, he received overt support from like-minded Indians.Yes, Bhattarai is very much right if he has dare to look on Maoism as movement instead of political conglomeration since he knows the future of revolution and compulsions of liberal democratic system very closely.

For now,theirs spat hammering the Maoist's prospect more than any other possibility albeit it would indeed possess a big risk for Prachanda himself and his party's further prospect as an alternative hope in national politics.Through my personal sources,I found the peoples growing apathy for this forced political stalemate in the country...they,especially the young generation is badly enchanted towards the politician's role.They no longer want to entwine with the theories which given them even worse political leadership since the end of Monarchy. In no way,I am contemplating any nostalgia for Monarchy but this was the mass reaction following the 17th round of failureness to choose a dignified PM and a working constitution.
Breaking of ice is impossible with the stubbornness of top Maoist ranks as they still have no mood to leave their demand for exorbitant absorption of theirs army with the National Arm Force. These are undeserving demand and at the same time a sort of force dealing with the strife ridden country.In their complacency both the chief Maoist ideologue, Prachanda and Babu Ram Bhattrai had forget to recall that they are part of democracy rather than the upholder of Maoist state; their cynical demonstration in front of official royal set-up with five thousand strong armed cadres for maneuvering the replication of Balkanization in Nepal was out rightly shocking, the way they were pronouncing that Newar community would be given more rights than others in newly formed province had sparked the fuel of mass sentiment.

As Maoist ideologue Babu Ram Bhattrai believes their participation in peace process or constitutional development merely as “tactics” to enter among the bourgeois and a pre-exercise before grabbing the throne and later shaping it into their ideological fervor (Communist utopia) instead of sharing existing democratic model in which they have given fair chances-such game plan is entirely contradictory to their erstwhile preaching when they avoiding such faux pas and desired on numerous occasion for political peace process and constitutional making task.
Now Maoists and other political parties know the fact that the deadlines of constitutional making process wouldn’t be met by easily in the situation of flux that also grew up after the departure of UN Mission in Nepal, so they are adopting different stand-Maoist Babu Ram Bhattarai’s stand is seems explicitly deadly as he thinks in that case they will declare the constitution from the street and capture power albeit they are forgetting their lowering popularity from mass psyche since they couldn’t copied the pious motives of socialization as the communists of Cuba or many other country did in past.

Way back from the Maoist’s insurgency in 1996 and later their mainstreaming and emergence as single largest party in Nepalese politics have been relentlessly co-inside with the large scale violence and civil war like situation, which’s still being far from over as the collapse of central authority with the end of monarchy, any alternative retrieval plan from major political players only creating void and a loose regime that propelled swiftly on hatred, intolerance and violence-far from stable and peaceful state of affairs.

High expectations were prevailing from Maoists prospective role in the wake of their democratization and accession to the highest political order of the country but they couldn’t endured the expectations for long and very soon started to jeopardize the situation over a standoff between the army and the Maoists, and later between the Maoists and their coalition partners…and now eventually within party itself.Maoists consistent distrust in sharing the state authority and their wayward opportunist expediency now forming furore among a large chunk of population including the media who now for the first time explicitly supporting the Nepal’s official army as they feeling the potential fallout of Maoists strategic domination in the country.

Maoists views are extremely critical on past agreement with India including the border issues; they are in favour of tectonic shift in alliance with the Indian state by daringly asking for removal of Indian army from Kalapani and restraining their so-called encroachments in Susta region-most of claims are prejudicial and could cause for large scale misunderstanding between these two very interdependent and cordial nation.Whatever the Maoists oral assertions like-abolition of the President’s un-constitutional move, maintaining civil supremacy, safeguarding national independence, checking foreign interference etc, they act entirely opposite from their own front with preoccupied contentious motives.

Maoists have shown terrible performances on most of issues since their arrival as a force in 1996-frequent human rights violation and barbaric suppression including murder of dozens of journalist for merely their ideological opposition with Maoist functional methods. Situation is indeed turning in very grim shape as things are again being ready to be fall apart-presently little hopes persists to visualize consensus among the political parties in near future to look after on the crucial issues of peace process and constitutional drafting. Political parties and members of civil society must refute any maneuverings of Maoists to merge their arm cadres with national army, otherwise stalemate would be never halted; international community have also play a major role to lift Nepal from this very unfortunate state of affairs.

Today India’s neighborhood policy cries for greater attention, so India must monitor the situation closely and assist in stable and united Nepal-where there is will there is always a way…we can’t and shouldn’t see Nepal moving like Bosnia. I think nobody could suggest the exact way to resolve his trust deficit with Babu Ram Bhattarai, even if the reconciliation would take place, there is little chances that they would think better than theirs past action for the nation. Anyway, there will be no wrong, if we wait for another turn…hope the wait this time will be much shorter than the Godot in Samuel Backett’s immortal political play-“Waiting for Godot”!

Atul Kumar Thakur
January 22nd 2011, New Delhi

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  1. I am very much impressed with your lucid take and fair concern with the condition in Nepal.What I liked most the blend of theoretic and practical put in your very clear article.