Monday, February 28, 2011

Curses of the Nation!

Corruption seems immutable in the wake of obsolete masquerade from the top of authority that alone swankly bounded with sweepstake for the preposterous material fortune. As overexposing becoming the norms in public glare, rupture with idealistic notion suddenly forced for stout mainlining that completely shattering the image of hallowed presence on top of authority from collective cognition. Though, the case is hardly sporadic even in universality but being attached with our Asian values, genuinely we facing profusely the ire of rampant corruption most vehemently. Without any inadvertent or cynic expression of glamorization, is it not right time to recall Samuel P Huttington’s idea of “crisis decade”?

After a decade full with high rise of neo-economic policies or better say hatching of market reform, an aspiring economic powerhouse like India dramatically entwined with the perilous prevarication in the guise of its arrogant shining campaign. What we recently saw the most systematic plundering of faith and awarded prerogatives by the quizzical leaders from all the walk of life left stark stress even in the mind of incorrigible optimists who till now had great faith in gentlemen economist Karl Polanyi’s vision of “self regulated market”.

Quail of this dwindling moral construct is largely mean with jostling over a range of substance, incorporated with the crux of market economy and shrinking of state or more lucidly with the renunciation of mass accountability. With the old wisdom albeit under the narrow insights, finance minister, Pranab Mukherjee during his last budget speech saw the role of state as “enabler”…this lukewarmness poignantly suffice for reckoning the irrepressible hold of unregulated and livid capital in government. The unprecedented wave of mindful obscene corruption that followed after the speech of fallacy for by and large common men’s downsizing from developmental agenda left an overarching effects in the form of wayward looting that were hitherto unseen in last six decades after independence.

In present circumstances, government has no expedient overtures with the majority of its peoples and most of tantrums of mitigating the divides of many types end in perception like a cunning marches of market strategy. This is an unusual phenomenon when the dramatization reaching to its zenith in every nook and corner…action of legislatures execution of executives, justice of judiciary and most lethally, the vigilance of media assembling with amazing co-ordination of vested interest of a rendezvous called limelight.

Ironic is the limit that restrain one’s to see the curbs in exact perspectives…here you have a very clean though a symbolic Prime Minister with tenuous hold on his cabinet colleagues and the cocktail of voices in nostalgic institution of Planning Commission and soul searching brigade of National Knowledge Commission. Exceptional ministers have great pastime for passing the bucks or tweeting the crucial briefs of foreign policy…generic minds are either reigniting the parochial issues like communalism to shade the external aggression factor even though they are open secret. And third types of minds have straight binding with unconventional wealth creation under the soothing company of crony clicks…thanks to Raghuram C Rajan, atleast he could see the potential of these networked peoples after spending time in Indian government and avidly counting the billionaires from Forbes list.

Exponential rise of force imagination with developmental planks must be substituted by the meticulously woven hypothesis suitable to the humanistic instead of cronies hell world. Time is ripe now for responsible minds to show the faith in societal adaptability with human development in place of chasing the endless greed’s of materialism. Although materialism has to stay with the philosophers imagined by Karl Marx, on whom the broader task of reckoning and changing the social action would rest. Burden of escaping the twilight of the nation have to be carry out again by the mass action, unless that happen, chances are likely that theirs representative will keep fading his own position and on idea called the nation. Endless curses of the nation have damaged the innocent expectations under the rude hammer of opportunism…in the bleeding state, this nation is crying for a makeover instead of universalization of contagious rogue called corruption!
Atul Kumar Thakur
February 28th 2011, Sunday, New Delhi


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  2. A sincere analysis of a very grave malady-Ashutosh Thakur

  3. great. so u r always active. and writing great things. keep it up...