Monday, September 19, 2011

Approaching MBA

Book Review: Beyond the MBA HYPE
Author: Sameer Kamat
Format: Paperback/Business/Self-help
Pages: 172, Price: RS.250, Publishers: Collins Business/2011
When Sameer introduced me with his book, I liked the two things following reading it very easily, first he shared his own corporate experiences with or without MBA and second most remarkable things he shown the lurking desire to give management aspirants of all types a very comprehensive set of guidelines for this functionally crucial profession. His primary focus is to make aware the management aspirants as well as practicing managers for the academic choices in this field, besides giving them the much essential technical plans to go ahead in the top exams. Ahead, he also offers, how to cope in the distressed state after getting failed for top notch Business schools…so overall, it’s an informative book and much-much better than the shaky coaching classes which ruins more than makes through their wayward preaching camouflaged like gospel teaching!

If looking sharply over the current trend of management education, it appears that it’s highly stratified and class conscious as the consistent scaling of fees{even in government funded institutes like IIMs}deterring a whole lot of masses away from the desired birth in this field. Moreover, the choice of Ivy Leagues and even the low rank western management institutes are still out of thinkable for most of the Indians except for those who’s Dad/Mom knows the GRE etc culture very well and are impatient with unused buffer stoke of fat riches. India as a vital market economy now needs more sophisticated management practices inside the industries and also in academics. The real hindrances is lack of public funding culture in our education system that gives edge to the profusely growing dream seller institutions which thrive and strive amorally on the middle class desperateness. Finally that produces a huge reservoir of semi educated professionals {barring exceptions, that needs no man made supports}, which practically also leading the organisation with the semi efficient management pools.

Situation is even more alarming in the Research &Development areas, which is liable to make Indian management a sub standard stream. It’s not justifiable to defend the flawed academic polices by citing the glories of few IIMs/ISB/XLRI and some others good institutions in both the government and private domain. Real thing is to know the situation with comparing the size of aspiring candidates and the missing segments out of these few good institutes. Ideals are on consistent decline in the academics and HRD Ministry is itself working opposite these basic ground realities…so where question arises of redressal? Afterall, isn’t it shocking, that how many management maven we have like Ravi Mathai? Who not only shaped the IIM Ahmadabad but also worked closely to enhance the institutional capacities in other discipline as well, establishment of ICSSR with his effort is a citable example.
Most of Indian born management thinkers have hardly done anything good for the discipline or its academic practices in country, ofcourse they have assisted to the large corporations and they must admire them not the common folks whose frugal innovation was once caricatured as “Juggad” by one of the rank from them. So, in the stereotypical management stream, it may be hardly surprising if you see wise peoples reading for umpteenth time the same book written by Peter Drcuker for western business in 1960’s for approaching the challenges of Indian business in 2011! They can afford complacency, so they are doing it in complete relax…in India, there is nothing exists like core competency in the line unit, that’s a stark reality and must have to be accepted by the all!

Author has done a good job to focus on the flexible learning as potential wayout…with certain changes; it could be of great help to cope with the growing managerial skill mismatches. Rest, such books have importance for aspirants, especially for those who have limited access to the information, certainly Beyond the MBA Hype can give them the valued insights which they may find difficult to get in ultra awkward coaching institutes. Technical aspects are clear here, rest action determines everything and which must be advanced from the aspirants own quest!
Atul Kumar Thakur
September 19, 2011, Monday, New Delhi


  1. Opposite to the I. B. management thinkers, your quest seems far better.. good going. keep it on!Varsha Singh

  2. Thanks for the review, Atul. Added it to the FB page for 'Beyond the MBA Hype': -Sameer Kamat{Author,Beyond the MBA Hype}