Saturday, November 19, 2011

Unclinching dreams..!

Book Review: Fiction/The Mysterious Dreams by Nandita Chakraborty Banerjji, Cedar books/2011, 263 pp; Rs175 {Paperback}
The free spirits pressed opposite the humdrum living. They choose their own basis of beingness, which often overpowers the prevailing social norms. In the twentieth century, hippies’ movement in west surpassed the overall foundation of modernism through a unique model that was unconventional and unacceptable to a great extant. The idea of modernism rests on the supremacy of state which bounds it with many cohesive structures that essentially restrict the spirits to get sat uncontrolled. Hippies were never out of grip from violence in action and their opposition towards the state led violence was a classical case of dichotomy.

The debutant author, Nandita has tried well to grasp the vast plots though couldn’t stop her writing from falling in the complex orgy. The first and foremost specialty of her novel is its protagonist Shibani, and second and last, her relying upon the Bangla culture and family in imagination and on little bit action. Careful reading of book enables reader to three subset within this book, first and last matches in order though the middle or backbone paralyses with the loaded analysis and umpteenth reprisal of unworthy emotions. It would have been much better, if the author could choose the Baul tradition in better length in place of reckless cult like, hippies. Chris, who is betrayer and absconder amidst the consistent romantic advances of Shibani reveals the pathos of choices which at any level can be easily cured instead getting down with its harmful discomfiture. Geographical spread between Bombay and Calcutta would have an ideal position for normally culture driven Shibani to think freely within a very special sphere of Baul tradition or on simply trusting herself more and surrounding.

Notwithstanding the technical lapses, author promises better in her next part of sequel. She gives easy readability through her writing with an incessant mark of serious literary narrative. Here, the categorization of her work deserves all serious consideration. In the drive of new less-serious writing where the tracing of literature are increasingly being tough, it’s solace here that The Mysterious Dreams optimizes the basic literary puts. Indeed, its serious concerns now, whether to fix such new writing, literary or not? On this account, this work finding a new feet, that’s somewhere between the popular literature and original work of high literary caliber.

Now the writing is not being done essentially by the class of writers rather it’s also coming through the new legion of professionals. Not denying the fact that social media has played tremendous role in shaping the creativity of a sizable young writers though the quality of contents remains a big loopholes. If the arrivals of writers are good, in the same way it’s expected from the readers to get maximized and more pro-active. Addressal on infusing the basic qualities of domain theme is the need of this hour…here; the tasks of partial purification have to be completed with the better assessment of works from reviewers, writers and most pertinently by the readers.

For now, readers are not finding themselves as scapegoat of over supplied writings. That still presents a benign scenario with overarching effects by which myth of” better time in Indian literature” can be processed for medium to long term. Further ahead, new shows will be in action..!
Atul Kumar Thakur
Saturday, November 19th 2011, New Delhi
Special thanks to Castle of Books/ ,for consistently reminding me about this book review...

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