Monday, April 30, 2012

The unjustified endgame!

Though violence put forth the blind assertions of angst but often it appears with so much inhuman senselessness as shockingly been it executed today in Janakpur.The blast handled by the Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha in Janakpur caused the immediate death of Binod Sharan/Satya Narayan Jha, Ranju Jha(A promissing thespian in Maithili), Jhagru Mandal and Suresh Upadhaya besides leaving twenty-four other critically injured. After many hours of this unfortunate incident, the question remains unanswered, who represents the peoples of Madheshi region in Nepal? Time is for an immediate wake-up now to suppress those urges, which unnecessarily categorising this small nation into many blocks and giving the strength to the unwarrantably hostile groups working under the political guise.

As hailing from the Mithila region myself, I am in state of consistent inner confrontation, how such massive blast could take place at Ramanand Chowk in Janakpur, which has been for long had reputation of being one of the most vibrant cultural center of Nepal? Shock increases with undeniable realisation that this coward act was done by a nonsense fraction of Madhesh right based parties-terribly cruel with their endgame, the incredible and unjustifiable representation confusions created by these regional political fractions must be end now. The next revamp, which this incident has made essential that mainstream democratic Madheshi parties, must have to work with conclusive agendas under the national government instead over playing with the non issues.

Nepal's political transition is still being far from over, that's major cause of concern. Not less dangerous is its ramification over the desperate youths across the nation, who is simply loosing the healthy aspirations for the sake of easily gainable temporary stay in power through the deadly combine of violence and nasty propositions of regionalism. It's not that Nepal never had the wave of regionalism but the earlier divide of Madheshi-Pahadi was unlikely to be so acute and chronically processed as it's in the course of action now. When I first heard about the blast, at maximum, I thought for a very low scale casualty, but the land of Sadhu/sage turned to be the death bead like never before, alas!

Among the Nepal's major urban spaces, Janakpur had for long maintained its specialties of being a center of historical connect. From the time immemorial, many myths and the living traditions have been strengthening its significance as once the capital of Mithila and later as the place of great cultural confluence as undoubtable symbol of India's shared past with Nepal. Personally, I have seen the gradual decline of functional good spirits from Janakpur in my visits in 1991,1999, 2003, 2006,2007 and last in 2008-as a seven year old child, my memory is still vivid how this city and Nepal at large was in state of equilibrium in 1991, which is no longer remained the same.

I saw Ranjhu Jha acting in the major Maithili plays around my familiar places and also later in Delhi’s cultural hub, Mandi house, never thought I would remember her for anything else than her immortal acting for meaningful plots but unfortunately now I have to, in a very tragic atmosphere that shook me and the all who heard about this incident. My sincere tributes for her and all those affected by this massive shock, besides I also wish to see any overplay of politics out from the Madhesh and Nepal. Only by which, the nation could converge with the proper democratic culture, and people’s lives would be stopped getting undermined by the nasty political dramatists who are in any case good for nothing-politics must be sustained but not on the cost of lives!
Atul Kumar Thakur
New Delhi, May1st, 2012, Tuesday

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