Sunday, March 31, 2013

In Kashmir, power holding craps are not holy

The violence knocks Kashmir, and commentaries enter like free bee-such obsession for ‘breaking news’ stops the chances to come in terms with the situation on ground. After Afzal Guru’s secret hanging, now the attack on paramilitary forces that killed five and left many injured have started another cycle of ruthless attack and counter-attacks in verbal debate.

The remaining part of the tragedy is being fulfilled by the insensitive leadership of Abdullah’s. It seems, Omar is enjoying the time of curfew, like many other elites born out through the endemic conflict in the state. As someone following the political affairs of Kashmir, I know how the daily wage earners face severe existential challenges during choked days, slapped by the ugly situation.

Unfortunately, at prime time trash debates on television, no expert feel essential to know the nature of Kashmir’s conflict from the angle of a commoner, who really have no luxury of knowing the intents of separatists or insincere mainstream leadership. These days, nothing could exert greater harm to the Kashmir’s plight than from these self asserted and well networked experts.

Only yesterday, I heard a moderator saying ‘Pakistan is our enemy’, so India must severe its diplomatic ties with its neighbouring country. It could shock to all thinking minds, who would not want to see the configuration of external/internal policies being set out from high evening television shows. Internally, Pakistan is intensely troubled, and it has ‘desperate policies’ to deal with the external world.

Naturally, it is earning the dividend on the wrong policies; it had accumulated over the decades. But that doesn’t mean, Indian intelligentsia, who have access to speak from vital platforms will see their wisdom in making Pakistan, a non-negotiable stakeholders in the South Asian region. Today, Pakistan’s literary creativity is on all time high and interestingly, this comes through in quest to forward the alternative picture of this problem-ridden land.

These literatures, written in the recent times on Pakistan draws attention towards the existing law-less situation, and surprisingly on the ‘surviving innocence’ among victims. Alienation from the truths have been creating and maximizing the flaws in the fundamental political approaches, and such tendencies seem not on wane with increasing sensationalism from media on Kashmir, and subsequently on India-Pakistan relations.

The Abdullah’s been and still are cunning with the words. The long spell of their dualism in conviction, have benefitted them politically. This will be utter folly to understand their rise and persistence in the politics of Jammu &Kashmir only through the circumstantial gains. Unlike the popular perceptions, even
they can exploit the ‘situation of normalcy’-for thriving in authority; Abdullah’s know no definite bond and checks.

They can look anytime beyond the genealogy-so took place their transfer from the camp of Congress to NDA in Vajpayee government. They can betray the causes for Kashmir for remaining pertinent in the state politics-but their birth in Union politics rather comes much easily, as compensation from Congress. The compensation is for the historical blunders, which remained unrelenting from 1947 to now.

Nehru promised Kashmiris but couldn’t secure a good future for the, the leaders of subsequent times followed no different fate. Consequently, in official circle, the clear thinking could not be mainstreamed and hence opened the gateway for multi-level fractures in state polity. Although they have maintained smoothness over the years, and their source of success found many takers in the state politics-so with Omar as Chief Minister, the assembly house of Jammu and Kashmir looks a safe abode for escapists.

Another round of curfew may spoil the normal pattern of life for downtrodden, but the politicians of Kashmir will not face the similar ire, while tweeting from home, rather travelling few miles ways for pursuing their open pastime. In Delhi or Srinagar, the Kashmir will be in news, but sadly never for the good reasons.

The television reporters would be known to the world for running along the fire-lines, the people and history of Kashmir will respectively walk opposite path-the path that is not actual and would lead to more and more troubles. Once, the people of Kashmir had no reason to not mourn on the death of innocents, now things are different.

The people are dying there, and they are being given grief or indifferences with the overt identities they have, not by the non-buzz word-‘humanity’. In Kashmir, human rights stand terribly below the fundamental level. The people have been voicing in its favour and the authority, who rule the course have been offering cold shoulder on those demands. Things were set in painful equilibrium, so tragedies turning like norms in the Valley.

Hence need to realise, power holding craps are real craps in Kashmir, they are not holy!
-Atul K Thakur
(Published in The Kashmir Walla on March16 and syndicated in Rising Kashmir on March19,2013)

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