Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Stalled Nation of Faltering Hopes

Indecisiveness damages the ‘terms and procedures’ of a system. It could be with any system, irrespective of the functioning nature, it follows. Indian democracy seems ‘stable’ only when the economic fundamentals lend it a good backup, and vice versa, with the bizarre prefix ‘nascent’ leveled on it by the policy experts and confused alike.

But the fact remains that the Indian democracy is neither nascent, nor is it proficient-it has a rather strange capability to hold a matured polity in action. On many occasions, the high-caliber leaderships have proved it. But when escaping the patches of positive procedures, we see an unyielding gloom pervasive and entering rare heights in negative territory.

UPA-II enjoys ‘shock & awe’ and has stuck to the steadfast policy of ‘no action’ on the issues of high moral values. Its foreign policy, leading the country to the verge of disaster–its neighbouring nations hardly respecting it and the world outside of subcontinent taking it for granted. With rogue governing pattern, India has lost its earlier earned formidable position among the emerging economies.

The dwindling investment on its land confirms that unwelcome trend. Indian economy is certainly moving in the wrong trajectory, with unsound handling of policies and no clear direction for reform or welfaristic programmes. The blurred scenario is posing dampening prospects ahead, that is keeping the morale of entrepreneurs (either home grown or from outside) at an alarming low. On internal security matters, India is pursuing its fantasy to put dissenting voices on the line of detractors.

Adding the worst, its judicial system treats the convicts, on the basis of background, rather than with the circumstantial evidences attached to a case. Amidst all these, there has emerged a new phenomenon where India’s serving or retired lawyers/activists are running a parallel system from the prime time TV shows and trash opinion/edit pages of awfully commissioned newspapers.

Combining these factors, we come to know, how India is walking and for whom? Consequently, the hope entrusting terms–equality, justice and others appear falsifying their intrinsic values. At this juncture, it would be wrong to endorse that this nation has any hope left for the big ideas or for their enactment on ground. In short to medium terms, this odd trend would be remaining streamlined.

To live up to the expectations of the marginalized is out of agenda, if not ignoring the sentimental fashion statements of authoritarian giants–such gimmicks are to shadow the unethical favours offered to cohorts of cronies, who are turning dollar billionaires in a time-span of a business quarter or year. This way, the spirit of economic reforms is being placed.

The frantic time allows giving gallantry awards to proven criminals, who sits at high rank in official forces or to the horror, at the Parliament. Amidst all these weird bonhomie, the underlying exploited class/tribes and downtrodden from the other sections are the natural victims. They are not ‘well-connected’ and they will not easily understand the technical, yet very silly plannings of Central Delhi’s Czars.

It makes less energetic to see, those who are in authority speaking like escapists or fake radicals. It’s true that we must respect our institutions but is it possible without overlooking the bad game in progress from officials?

The set of rules are well-stocked in India, but they are not essentially meant for improving the governing structure of respective organizations. It’s an open secret that ‘double speaking’ is the real virtue of regulators-these days, we can see RBI and SEBI confronting with the law defying financial entities, but they are creating scene, not the actual impact.

SEBI is among the most confused institutions that India has–it doesn’t feel bad in treating the ‘frauds’ decently and allowing Capital Market to run like the ‘hub of crooks’. The RBI, with a better reputation is doing not good by not believing that our banking structure is romancing the unrealistic complacency and it’s only matter of time, before things go beyond the limits of control.

K.C.Chakravarty, otherwise an angry old man, recently outrightly denied that India’s leading private sector banks are involved in unethical businesses–this raises questions upon the intent and understanding of top-ranked bankers/economists at Mint Street?
And with all these, it appears starker when we see that our incompetent bureaucrats never seem to retire.

This is a recent trend, shaped and developed by the offing of new economic planning started in 1991. This is based on ‘sophisticated corruption’ and not ‘subaltern corruption’-the distinction, recently given life by Ashis Nandy, in a different context from the stage of Jaipur Literary Festival, known for its confused colonial hangover.

So, New Delhi is keeping high promises for such ‘collaborators’-now, it doesn’t surprise us when we see India’s former diplomats handling ‘PR Companies’ or its financial wizards from north block looking on the growth of stock exchange etc. This is Americanization (without adopting its free virtue) of work culture, which is dangerous and will make India, a ‘clown’.
-Atul K Thakur
Email: summertickets@gmail.com
(Published in News Yaps on April09,2013)

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