Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stop shunning politics

It’s now become out of fashion to talk about politics in its real terms or in ideological framework. Political practices of a large masses are gradually being confined to the electoral activities…even theirs participation are far from satisfactions. Even though it could not be denied that Indian Democracy has been successfully strengthening democratic institutions throughout the years since independence.
No doubt, the size, peaceful and punctual rotation of governments, diversified representation etc are some strong points in favor of Indian democratic system; but all such indications not necessarily ensures the proper representation of citizens will or genuine quest for own role in political system. Such passivity effects like a handicap on political system which lucidly evaporating the crux of democratic spirit as well as weakening the participatory structure.

Overall such happening creates sense of despair among masses regarding the role of authority, on the other end representatives by large unlikely felt any incentives regarding their role towards citizens.Why shunning politicians?
Indeed, it’s common realization that most of representatives falsified their promises during their tenure, to some extant claim is not wrong but it’s not entirely true, because we have to look at the exceptions too. In the sixty two years of post independence we could easily locate the increasing wave of corruption and dutilessness by politicians, though the scale of such tendencies was not so rampant in early phase because, ideal of freedom struggle was than existed amidst the political arena and leadership have had vision for national consolidation on various fronts.
In subsequent phase political arena immensely exposed to the tracts like opportunism, regionalism, castism, criminalisation, etc which all led to fractional way of politics where to cite idealism became day by day difficult and focus were hugely shifted from development path.

Statistically development remain on the right track but it’s bright side have been not availed equally by lower strata of society, here we got lag behind from our constitutional aim of inclusive development.
So, at this major front on establishment of socialistic principles largely jeopardized in the growth agenda. Such deterioration at public arena is not an independently aroused conditions rather it’s crystal reflexion of equally deteriorating civic morale among the citizens. Falling quality of citizens action towards their democratic rights is a major reason of their estrangement from decision-making mechanism of government.

Once,eminent political scientist Rajani Kothari coined a term” criminalisation of politics” on burgeoning proportion of criminals in politics later by naturalization of their presence it became imperative to modify the quotation as ”Politicization of criminals” which revealed the demerit of quick adoption among the citizens before any short of political representation. Rule in a democracy indeed aroused from the electoral management, which doesn’t allow any political party to come in limelight without having support from mass majority.
So, rule under any elected government signifies respectively by the majoritarian views, means largely representations reflects the morale judgments of Voters in a Democracy which is true at least in principles.

Their sensitivity or insensitivity could be best seen in their scale of tolerance of that particular representation which came in to force through their own act. A sensitive saying of Meri Antoniate (French Queen) during the great French Revolution fueled the rage and sensitivity towards such reckless behaviour, which later caused for the end of Monarchy and ushering into new democratic domains that means the basic pillars of democracy endowed the determining rights in the hands of citizens.
Now its practices depends upon the morale constraints of peoples because whatever will be the representation they would have most determining influences over it, and off course they keep holding magic key of the golden gate. So, one most abscond from shunning politics and politicians alone.

Off course there will be chances of exceptions because every judgment not necessarily have justification for representatives action as authority and opportunity are having some rapid quality of changes, which may or may not be as per the expectations of a democratic participant. Despite acknowledging variable human nature and core of Machiavellian tracts we can’t stop ourselves from being sanguine in our further action at democratic arena.
So, we have to learn making appropriate decision to strive better for our political as well as other key rights instead of becoming merely vocal towards political system or politician. We should have dare to stand with our judgment before frustrating over the act of politician.

Since they are not aroused in isolation; means our selections reflects our leaning in individual life. Even though some times we may caught in option-less circumstances due to ineligible options. To cope with such odds we have to strengthen the people’s initiatives in different domain to see on various options. Because even any utopia (political) can be succeeded only with the participatory action, so this could be best met with remedy from people’s side.
The primary stage of such deliberation should be started from prioritizing the common sacrosanct matters that must be based on principles of common good and in later phase of development our evasive attitudes should be wiped out, in its place a well-structured and meticulous plan should be formed for the further activism.

It must be kept in mind that for countering politician’s insensitivity; a great move of democratic reform among with active participation from every section of society would be extremely worthy. So, participatory action would be a major ‘strive’ in an effective quest of democratic restructuring in peoples favor. Sometimes it is evident philosophical during the layout and execution of any major democratic plan, but there is nothing wrong in it, as an initiation have to arouse from idea which later ushering into practical format; so, these are some initial complexities which get sort out with the time factor.
Time is ripe now for a democratic reform in India…meanwhile even some subtle change in peoples attitude can fetch many positive outcome from political system. At this juncture it would be quite essential to deify the both existing as well as potential culprits of democracy with their electoral rights during the contest.

Universal and adult suffrage are most prolific investment to cope with the odds of democracy…a consineful judgment can create a lot of difference in our public and personal sphere.A political system could not be run in isolation especially a democracy, which needs consistent feedback for its smooth functioning since it’s quite compatiable with it’s essence. There is no alternative of active and quality participation…quality means here the capacity to acknowledge the critical facts related to the governance and their own duty in civil life.
Achieving a realistic goal in a democracy requires dutiful involvement from its citizens. It would be most wise step to stop shunning politics or politicians for their idleness instead every realistic and efficient persons should come forward and lend their contribution for an effective democracy. One should not immune from politics but must keep oneself immune from its maladies. Reward and blame system must be availed by its participants (Both the voters and representatives) comprehensively.

Atul Kumar Thakur
New Delhi

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