Friday, April 17, 2009

Worrisome Public Appearances

Amidst the ongoing move of parliamentary elections, sudden influxes of unparliamentarian remarks are taking place at political as well as civic sphere, this hardly justifies the ethos of democracy or Indian constitution. Euphemism are rampant now a days among the leaders to woo the voters without aversion to unethical practices, opportunism, hate speeches, double speaking, blame games, promises , dreams ,despair, failure, success, casteism ,religion etc are being increasingly evident from the speeches of political players that means the macro area of unbiased development forfeited its claim from their priorities because it’s considerably felt by them as a feeble determinant of their fate in electoral field.
Obviously what happening this time is not an unique occurrences because there are numbers of such obscene remarks and situations could be easily found from the page of sixty two years of democratic history of India.

Though the scale is certainly deteriorating much faster now in comparison with the initial phase of post independence when the principles was at least followed by the most of democratic representatives; now the case is entirely reversed as their motive and aim of electoral participation. What we are witnessing now a considerable erosion of decency from its participants… though still we have some exceptions who stands for cause based action but caught in awkward situation like a flickering lights amidst the violent storm, hope they will keep striving for a healthy ambiance to sustain real politic in democracy.
Despite following the principles of Westminster model, Indian democracy stands with unique proposition because its inheritance of democratic values from across the world, besides its own geographic, demographic and cultural diversity impulse it for own conditional set of democratic model.

Consequently Indian democracy apart from being biggest in size also endowed with all the uniqueness which is very scarce in other democracy, but such uniqueness must regarded as strength rather than a loopholes. But contrary to such positiveness we keep witnessing a series of awkward behaviors of politicians in recent times in state like Gujrat , Bihar, West Bengal , Andhara Pradesh, Delhi etc and there are many more to come in near future and even after.
In such situation a common men reduced to being a mute spectators by such unfair happenings and their glamorous portrayal by media. The new nexus are created and devastated by the political parties during the elections as per their conditional needs, sometimes these seems so opportunistic that even a master of probability can not guess the next result of its outcome.

What changes has taken place in Bihar and U.P are sufficient to acknowledge the downward trend of Indian politics. In U.P alliance are formed on caste basis to uplift their position against the growing might of ruling party, more or less the political development in Bihar having emerged from similar apprehensions.
Merely four years back RJD and LJP were caught in cut throat battle with each other for their positions in state assembly elections, than the political agenda of LJP was development, which the state have been denied under the RJD rule so far, now those issues are fall back of their agenda, there real issues is now to regain their lost political position in state by pursuing new agendas.

Why such shifting is inevitable in their agenda? There may be a long debate on this question but in short such unpleasant moves are reflecting the growing divide between peoples aspirations and interest of political parties, which is absolutely unfortunate for our democracy as well as for our life. What I mean to say by all these examples that peoplecentric issues are diminishing from political space and a new wave of rhetoric’s are taking place among the political parties to sustain their credentials, sometimes it seems contrary to our own democratic achievements which has been culminated in independent India.
To sustain and blossom the democracy peoples must deified the false rhetoric’s of political parties and indulge in action to uplift their own genuine vision for their own life, their society and their nation.

If peoples would stand with their vision ,the political parties would also act in same manners otherwise the case may working different direction. We should have to act genuinely to live the broad dreams for our own nation, of course every conscious people must rethink about their own new role to strengthen the democracy because there is reason for each and every one among us to put their action for broader causes. We have some good news in terms of finding some new inclusion in our political spaces like active arrival of Shashi Tharor and some more candidates from different professional field.
So, it’s time for us to strongly condemn the political hypo crates and create a new level playing field in our democracy. Reinforcing of greater role of mass people will eradicate the culture of false promises and betrayal from our political system…Let us strive for better public appearances with great determination to save the humane civility.

Atul Kr Thakur
April 17th, New Delhi

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