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J.D.Salinger: Literaturer in Reclusion

Jerome David Salinger aged ninety-one was passed away on January28th 2010 amidst his dearest reclusive surroundings at hill in the Cornish, New Hampshire; he conquered till last his earnest dream to live in the woods with a fireplace, a typewriter and pieces of notes hooked on the familiar wall. That unusual creative affair remained in consistent pace through slightly sigh indulgence with the rest of world, creation of his affair was indeed very special since mysticism produced through such dwelling were the stout region of mass interest in his life and brilliant work.
His sharp touch with his own conceived world enabled him to fetch great respect from readers across the world-even with slim creative production, Salinger leaves a rich legacy, and his meticulous words added an extra shining on American literary space.

J.D.Salinger had a credit to sharpen glamour quotient in his recluse which was as famous as his books and his art albeit his life and creativity was out-rightly contrast from the gloomy world of Hemingway. He could amazingly play with the language besides putting great contents-he became successful in awarding a new lease of class to American literature and later performing as source of inspiration for successive generation.
Canopying Salinger through any typical observation is very hard task for any literary enthusiast as was a real maverick with very rare imitative temptation in his literary and artistic production-in detail inquisition; he slightly resembled the characteristics of two other great contemporary writer-Flaubert and Frantz Kafka who also displayed similarly the originality of conception without indulging too much in roaring worldly affairs.
He had masterly command over crafting stories within stories with well timed incorporation of sentimental wit-he was equally an artist which always entrusted him with great qualities of straight forwardness in his overall creative approaches; he truly lived his art.

His epoch making novel “The Catcher in the Rye” vehemently incorporates a fashioned voice for its protagonist Halden Caulfield that enabled him to proceed an alienated ten years old thoughts and anxieties-voice sounds outright glaring in skeptically appraising the world and denouncing its pseudoness and hypocrisies; his another memorable work “Catcher {1951}”remains one of the books that adolescents first fall in love with, this great work closely articulates what it is to be young and attentive existential-this first awakens them to the broad worlds of literature.
With “Catcher” he abled to start existentialist debate and advanced to the next level with two very daring play-“The Harsh” and “Witty Glare from the Naked Bulb over the Table”. Never been a part of prestigious Ivy League institutions remained a hurting matter for him-this part Jewish, part Irish great man with heavy influences of Vedanta, Zen and Tao philosophy resembled as a true depository of idea and depth.

Although he leaves only four Glass stories novel and nine stories besides some other pieces behind him nevertheless they are awesome and remarkable in catering the specific needs of idea searching book lovers. Non-publication of his idea was sole gratifying things for him, so it could be hardly ruled out that many of his prospective manuscripts may have lies some where in drawers…at personnel level, J.D.Salinger had left the world without being remorseful on such subtle possibilities as he have been accustomed for renunciation of universal spreading of his prolific ideas. Despite short appearances, he deserves to be known as one of crucial image makers of American literature since intellects hardly needs any justification in terms of sheer size.

Atul Kumar Thakur

Februray18th2010, New Delhi

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