Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pamariya Folk Dance: On the Brink of Extinction

The land of Mithila has known for its great perseverance of cultural matrix and their interface with the people’s sensible cultural demeanor. There have been existence of a numbers of exuberant folk arts and dances on this land; whose relentless practices among the Maithili folks reflects best the cultural intricacies of Mithila.
Among this fabulous background-a consummate traditional dance called Pamariya is known for its distinct appraisal to auspiciousness in Maithili households. The historicity of Pamariya’s could be traced back from the medieval phase, they are a set of small wandering tribes with Islamic orientation although their acceptance remains quite universal till few decades back but now under the blind wave of modernism this ingredient part of Maithil social order is unfortunately falling towards the brink of extinction.

Once most of Maithili households albeit very few now still have belief to follow the Pamariya dance for the auspicious occasion of new born baby-in symbolic terms, it preaches out the message of unbiased social and religious views of Maithils with vigorous flamboyance.Pamariya’s role in social fabric could be a vital matter of inquiry from social history perspective but in short inquisitions their quintessential convergence in mainstream Maithili social life is truly awesome especially since very few among them have consistent temperament to stay in a particular locality nevertheless some villages of Mithila denotes exception in this regard-village Ranti and Deep are profoundly showcase like the true repository of unusual Pamariya dancers.

The world famed
“Panchkosi” region has specific affiliations with this folk dance as without doubt the locality amazingly leads on cultural front of Mithila; despite even having a substantial urban fabrication in this zone that hardly deterred them to perform the original cultural practices, also comprising with the dance of Pamariya’s.
It’s noticeable that, they are not the peoples of this region who are caused for deterioration of Pamariya folk dance instead the bigger complexity of livelihoods and non-existence of any institutional support that pushing this community towards endangered space…alas! Today the Pamariya’s are compelled to crave for the attention of luminaries and well wishers., if any meticulous and well judged solution couldn’t be placed immediately that this rich tradition would be grasped by the new generations in mere fantasies-nothing more than this.

The very uniqueness of Pamariya musical dances are lied in their distinct presentation-self made micro musical paraphernalia’s and a small team combination is quite suffice for them to mark their advances in foretelling the many legendary myths in musical compositions; they are unparalleled entertainers in their domains.
Pamariya community is equally known for its decent behave and ethical integrity-these networked groups never bonded with the sole audacious motivation of riches, rather their art truly woven with the unbiased practices on many counts, such as gender, religion etc. In their specific qualities, a close observation could designate their works on a fine position in the very special affair of culture-for the time being it’s quite imperative to give those accolades for their great deeds in the cultural fabrics of Mithila.

Indeed some good pieces of works-both in visual and print medium can redeem the falling fortune of Pamariya artists; like many other fronts, it’s a irony that cultural communities have been also visualized through ceremonial attitude that hampering them viciously. For sure, Pamariya’s are one among the sufferers of modern times which still waiting for an all round genuine re-looking and financial support…a chunk of new generation is rising to retrieve the glories of Pamariya’s and other Maithili folk dances…hope to see some positive notes on their plight in near future. After all these auspicious artists utmost deserves to cheer in their life and to remain as ingredient as ever before in Maithil social and cultural life.
Atul Kumar Thakur
February13th 2010, New Delhi


  1. Yesterday in my lunchtime I read the article about Pamaria. It was so interesting but disappointing to learn that it is getting lost. Time changes and most of it does not remain the same. And then it is gone forever.

  2. Nice to read on a very unusual tradition of Pamariya folk dance but being sad to about their present plights.Atleast you have raised a voice in support of them..hoping to see similar concern from all crucial quarters in this regard.

  3. Dear Bhaijee, just today I have read about the folk dance of our Mithila. The feeling was both of Pride and the Shame. Pride on the grat dance form of our Matribhumi and shame was about its anominity. Even many Maithils dont know about it. The maithil Samskriti is always being praised by the world, be it The Maithili Culture, our folk Songs, the Mithila Paintings our Maithil Cuisines but this... this part should come out. Please share some of the known artists name of this dance form to make it known to the world...