Monday, May 31, 2010

Lukewarmness in Accountability

Multitasking like a growing banyan tree have adversely shadowing the Indian political space, this is now a frequent and established phenomenon that vehemently breaking the ethos of public accountability.
Among few sleepy options, sports chosen to be an area of commercial pastime by the high rank politicians-worst of all, by taking into account of marginal-utility principle, they grossly subsuming the task of in an unfortunate single row. Now a days, it’s hard to anticipate the area of interest and experiences of politicians, at least in top order who matters most-ironically, in this new game, there’s nothing exist like opposition except ideologically stricken left parties.
Like Newton’s third law of motion- a man like Arun Jaitely is always ready to give competence to his peers, notably to the farmers leader turned Minister in various crucial capacities turned the biggest sports Mentor of the world, Mr. Sharad Pawar. Their sharing of interest in sports politics strikes some serious concern-in the wake of recession and mismatch of demand-supply mechanism,adversenee fuelled the Consumer Price Index {CPI} led inflation rate to the spiraling high at 16-20%; instead to draw focus, this most challenging reality has been marginalized by the vested interest of Cricket politics and some other trivial issues that hardly matters for a common man who faced hardship on day to day basis.
Today prices of foods are skyrocketing, availability of power per capita is alarmingly going down, employment in organized sector is getting scarce, almost half of countries terrain facing some sort of deadly conflict…amazingly neither ruling coalition nor opposition have much to do with it.
BJP as a party and stakeholder in Indian politics is facing an unusual sort of deficiency in issues and leadership-derailed transition of party leadership is making things impossible for them to foresee real issues at the moment.
Lack of opposition zeal’s are indeed the most surprising outcome of the recent time-though exception exists but on matter of their own existential issues, such as on caste census, women’s reservation etc. The convergence of mode and agenda of two vital components {ruling and opposition parties} are very shocking from the basic point democratic point of views-such circumstances abnormally breaths on the vulnerability of public issues.
Amidst the hullabaloo, a mean path has emerged into popular political stand; the formidable among its evangelist is Congress leader, Digvijay Singh, who is showing rare gesture of hide and seek with his colleagues-like a gifted batsman, he is demonstrating clever footwork on political pitch. In recent past, he has chosen some matter of highest sensitivity, issued his opinion like a maverick albeit in same skill accommodated the resistance followed by it-so, overall resultant left was zero, an abysmal number in solitaire.
Forthrightness remains another front where the acts of Ministers like, Jairam Ramesh and Shashi Tharoor appears fairly silly-where apart from outspokenness, Jairam Ramesh has shown some remarkable reform in his Ministry of Environment &Forest, on the other hand casualness of approaches led Shashi Tharoor out of Ministry and high perception.
One common thing among the Ministers which they all have forgotten that politics is completely an art rather a science as its being preaching blindly in Universities-here uncertainty is strictly attached with the ones action and failureness to live up on expectations. So, arrival of high placed persons from International Multilateral Organizations like, U.N and others have added more unusual alienation in Indian political sphere rather impacting on the matter of significance.
This new political culture is indeed marks a shift of political attention from the ground realities…a section of peoples are absolutely availing the fruits of neo-liberal economy but a big mass is on the verge of pauperization as their skills are hardly considered competent in changed set of productions and services.
Moreover, whose features appears as long hours of work with negligible earning, lack of any social security or labour protection and extensive use of child labours-now debate on history and most of book launches are accompanied by the glamorous cocktails where the issues are exactly placed outside of its sphere. For remaining different in such scenario, one have to show indifferences with deviants and at events of all sorts…political, industrial, intellectual etc; then freedom of expression can only live up in reality.
Atul Kumar Thakur
May28th 2010, Friday, New Delhi

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