Monday, May 31, 2010

Who care for Peoples?

In last few weeks, Maoists have shocked the nation through three cowardly attacks-one was carried out to ambush the entire team of seventy-six security personnel and rest two including yesterday’s attack on a train in West Bengal primarily targeted the innocent common peoples who even in deadly nightmare, can’t be regarded their class enemy or an instrument of state against them.
The derailed radical outfits who are trying to mould Maoism as a tailor-made ideology and use it in an alien terrain of India forgetted that even their chief ideologue, Maotse Tung{Mao} wasn’t aware of any possible future expansion of his closed dream-his idea and vision were strictly woven around political atmosphere of China. Ironically, radical outfits in India are unnecessarily entwining themselves with those alien ideas in the name of people’s war!

They practices the tenets of Maoism that”Power flows from the barrel of gun” albeit forgetting that politics must be in command behind any major action, where is politics from their side? They are in consistent denial mode, even escaping the truth that war they are fighting against Indian state is unachievable…instead of realization; they are following a blend of euphoria and solace by wiping out the signs of development from their command area on the name of fight for development? For which peoples, they are waging such action?
On the name of peoples, they are implicating the same clamour “either you are with us or against of us” as of neo-imperialists. The biggest humanitarian violation is swiftly in place in this country and no indulged party has time to think of amicable solution.

State has every reason and right to retaliate those who challenge its existence in armed capacity but not without appropriately enforcing one among two pronged solutions instigated by the Home Minister, P.Chidambaram, and Indeed developmental intervention and winning the trust of mass peoples who willingly or unwillingly dwelling with opposite camp should be the first priority.
State as a supreme authority should be and must be revisit the blunder of past where in the name of development, crores of peoples loosed their conventional sources of livelihood-insensitivities have to be evaporated from top to the bottom of administrative structure besides any outsourcing of law and order control {Salwa Judum}must be stopped.

Administration and policing, these two must be flow directly from the hand of state but not through the trust deficit of local peoples. Verbatim from Siddhartha Vardrajan’s article {this war can’t be won by mines and bullets, THE HINDU, May20, 2010} that” Maoist party subscribes to the same political culture and moral universe as the state it condemns” vehementally shatters the pseudo facades of violent and unconsineful Maoists.
India as a nation is endowed with diversity in different spheres, and these are more assets then liabilities-red belts are mostly constituted through the tribal population and backward castes that hitherto have been missing the benefits of governance and still living with insecurities of various essential means.

Their inclusion and streamlining of plights should be the major concern of both state and central government-absolutely issues like, drying of SON river{first time in history}and chronic deficiency of waters in Bundelkhand region have to prioritized in development agenda instead of attaining complacency for inflated balance sheets of mining Multinational Companies in the region.
Industrialization is must but they will have to be labour intensive, environment conscious and overall people centric-unless the checking of discontents would be remain a distant dream. Trust building measures have to be strengthened as true step to retrieve the trust of peoples who in absence of option are forced to juggle around the disasters. Discipline and skills would be decisive to end this standoff-presently that professionalism are lacking, among government officials, political parties, security forces, press…everywhere.
Most of us ignoring that we are facing a serious time within our country and its handling would never be same as matters of cross border intrusion. Mines and bullets, both have to be passive as the basic human needs are hardly begins with these two objects…enough is enough! Peoples of India need harmony not a new status of mourner for the loss of dear ones which always will be a possibility in current set of condition…
Atul Kumar Thakur
Friday, May28th2010, New Delhi

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