Friday, December 31, 2010

The Crisis Syndrome

#.Standpoint wishes all its readers a happy and productive new year 2011,hope unlike the last year thoroughly marked with corruption,new year would promise brighter time...being a stakeholder of humanity,let's fight with demonic greed to make world just&equitable..a better place for living!

Following the many horrendous setbacks from political circle, public life at large in India is confronting the serrated edge. Domino effects of corrupt nexus among politicians-corporate and most odiously of media chocking every tint of idealism and forcing fairness on confusing cul-de-sac. In our nation, where sacking of high order corrupt officials is still a distant dream and investigations largely produced as food for thought to leverage gonzo journalism hardly presents a moralistic scene, normally expected from government with superb references of Indian constitution.
Erosion of confidence from systemic functioning and political leadership have culminated over the years with reckoning malpractices and manipulated ravening among the peoples involved in every big scam. In such affordable blind wave, lobbyists found their niche to intervene at policy level in government, in the close Dickensian Company of political leaders and journalists with godly footing in the industry.

Raghuram Rajan in his work “Fault Lines” gone to the locus of fabricated fortunes founded on the base of lobbyism and sinful connections that cultivating an obscene numbers of growing Indian billionaires. With these antagonistic developments, India knocking the Forbes list of billionaires through amazing pace albeit in developmental indices and corruption ratio, it’s doing worst even than the trivial sub-Saharan countries. Its desperating fall of moral convictions in a nation which has glorious history of men with integrity in public life-for them pennilessness was a subdued affair for pepping up with the national causes.
Recent outbreak of scams giving stout sign of a new corrupt culture that incubated on the misuse of authority and ones consine…Indian economists must propose here, a nifty index for measuring the growing gap of income. Now the differences of income, if one is not entitled to an authority or not being corrupt minded have to trail with their corrupt counterparts by millionth times unlike few years back, when the gulf was in hundred or thousand times.

Moreover, forefront would not going to be their/idealists front in any circumstances as with better connection in mainstream authoritative world, theirs presence would be much worthwhile for ribbon slashing and flashing with endemic pace in front of cameras funded by global bosses.
In this fanciful time, people’s aspirations getting crushed by the sections with vested interests in either politics or business-what we have recently saw in the case of selfless social activist, Vinayak Sen who is facing the charge of sedition on the baseless evidence of possessing a copy of Marx’s Das Capital and an invitation for lecture from a non profit organization.
Adding the fuel-after uncharted zone from big wrong like, defense and finance; now judiciary too undergoing with same maladies of blind judgment for specific causes. Though scams have remains intermittent over the years but the scale it has touched in this year have completely thrashed the imagination of mass folk which is overt betrayal to their civic rights.

Even in this dark time, I have faith in system and individual capacities of few in public life including PM Manmohan Singh, who himself would have realization what he has lost as leader in last one and half year. In internal matters, he hardly in touch with the grim realities and its redressal-thanks to our growing size of economy that engaging world leaders at our door steps, so giving atleast one-sided Philip to PM on this front as no Gandhi ever had real interests in foreign affairs.
In next year too, peoples confidence would be hold on toes as investigation agencies in charge of scams would handle this as mundane assignment and finally let pass a big respite to persons/culprits involved in this…probably, these high shot characters would enhance more grip over the sordid mechanism for next big foul plays?

What to observe or not, that would be depend on the intent and stands of individuals but politicians, corporate, media-persons and lobbyists with lucid prefix “corrupt” would keep maligning our collective consciousness and confidence, if peoples will not choose the right way to govern themselves. A proper attitude could be a solace on many counts…let it give a chance!

Atul Kumar Thakur
December 30, 2010, Thursday, New Delhi


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  2. I am pleased to read this thoughtful write up on the agenda of high level corruption.I agree with author,the unfolding might augur well for india.The 'desperating fall of moral convictions' might now set a new begining.And it is the time that new generation must feel responsibiities of strengtening corruption free institutions.Elites and elders would be compelled to toe the line.The author takes the issues straightly and with clear mind analysis.That is indeed explorative journalism,which is needed now.

    January 7, 2011 6:56 AM

  3. Nice reading a very sensible and honestly crafted article on corruption.This is a pertinent answer on a grave malady..this also gives respite from manipulated views of media in general-Thomas Mathew

  4. Professor chomsky starts his priciples with ideas and ideals which declares the evidence separaations between finance and idealities.I mean that the politices, politicians, politicies designer should not be confused for finance because he should be aware on the systems which systematize the balance in civilization.
    you have raised the issue of curroptions and critical analysis but a journalist should have a history to diagose the wound andlead the power on the main sight of civilizations.

  5. Dear Atulji,

    I went through this article. It was very good.
    Thoughts were very well expressed.

    I especially liked the way you concluded it by emphasizing that inspite of the pitiful state of democracy/politics of India,
    we still can have faith in the Indian system and hope to have an improvement for it,
    if we awaken our conciousness and choose the right way to govern ourselves.