Friday, December 31, 2010

Edge of being Bihar!

Defying all the tantrums of reactionary opposition, Nitish Kumar led NDA’s upscaled victory trounced even all the preordained forecast about the Bihar’s poll. Nitish, gifted yet a meticulous leader in mainline politics is among few statesmen today who elude spontaneous outpouring and never let allow any manipulation in the figure of speech. This is marked shift in the leadership inside Bihar, where sardonic demonstration of Lalu Yadav-Rabri Devi and theirs Cabinet have been crisped as an indictment for state and in general for the fate of its oppressed peoples.
What Nitish and his government have done most remarkable in last five years was, complete clampdown on political criminals-both inside the party and outside of it. Deglamourization of crime vehementally inculcate on collective scale to move on for future and retrieve some old glory on which the pride of Bihar can blossom.

Outset to end of first term of Nitish as Chief Minister proved not only milestone in Bihar but overall n state politics-nobody can refute his charisma and his justifying commitment for inclusive growth which probably enabled Ramchandra Guha to rate Nitish as most thoughtful leader of India. Nitish, just after a land sliding win with 206 seats {JD{U}-115,BJP-91}in Assembly election recalled an added caution of Guha that like Ram Krishna Hegde in Karnataka, he shouldn’t chase the tedious routes of politics at centre.
In same encouraging but rapt press conference, he attributed the mandate for aspirations of mass Bihari-besides, it was indeed heartening to see the way he raised his task for more empowered and prosperous Bihar and ruling out any ambition for highest executive rank with mentioning the suggestions made by Ramchandra Guha. No inanity for victory was a clear departure from RJD-LJP style wild saas!

The champion of trivia against the real issues, Lalu Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan were put on toes, with abysmal legislative presence and end of theirs rational in politics, now have entitled them not more than figurehead in theirs respective parties. Now, Mr. Yadav’s positions is very downsized in Bihar, overt rebellion of close ranks and especially of infamous relatives leaves ominous sign for any further revival of his fortune. His detrimental attitude of rule, had completely demolished the organic aspirations of development from 1990to 2005-quest for new Bihar started with a pursuit of scrubbing the maligned impressions under the honest efforts of Nitish Kumar.
Almost extinction of left parties could be co-related to theirs internal strife and lack of proper working plan in Bihar. Fallen grace of Congress is the outcome of its active stakeholding during the wild eras {1990-2005} and its corrupt legacies nourished under the appointed observers from Delhi. Certainly, the party could do much better without the crony mentoring of party observer, Mukul Wasnik, who spent most of time in distorting the local leadership with flawed favourism in ticket distribution…sycophancy is chant of gone era, atleast now that must embarrass its central leaders and family in command.

On the day of verdict, I received first few lines from Ramchandra Guha “Thanks for this good news, your state under the abled leadership of Nitish Babu deserves it…”- his excitement and constructive support of media/intellectuals have given Nitish Kumar an ample thumbs up for victory. As he is already on track for new maneuverings to give Bihar all supplements that was lost during the dark years-here, a delicate policy on investment would be required to tap the fine infrastructure in state. Coal linkage is certainly a major impediment in Bihar’s way but this time government is better equipped with resilient mandate from all side to negotiate the contentious matters with centre more profoundly.
Bihar could be a hub of services and agro-processed processed industries with abundant raw materials and very competent human resources. Working in this emerged Bihar would be an edge for early participant from industry; impetus which the state promises of good governance and inclusive development-most scarce qualities in present time. With unlimited potential from all side, Bihar is ready to receive the advances of positive engagement with growth agents…in next five years; Nitish Kumar government has golden time to shape the balance future for state and at next for the nation. As always, wind of change in Indian politics shall come from Bihar-after many years, expected is all positive for a new lease of life to political profession. Time is exactly conducive to play big shot by Nitish Kumar…what Bihar needs now…
Atul Kumar Thakur
December29, 2010, Wednesday, New Delhi


  1. Dear Atul

    I have now had a chance to look in more detail at your writing.

    My main comment is that I am impressed by the range and width of your
    interests. I learnt a great deal from reading your pieces.

    For personal reasons, I was particularly interested in your article (and
    your comment) on Bihar - the personal reason being that I was born in Bihar
    in 1932, and have always been fascinated, in a mild way, about its political

    Looking at all the material you produce, I am left wondering - with
    admiration - how on earth you find the time both to keep up with the
    background and to write the pieces.

    With my very best wishes


    Bill Kirkman, 14 George Street, Willingham, Cambridge, CB24 5LJ
    Tel/fax 01954 260393
    Emeritus Fellow of Wolfson College
    CB3 9BB

  2. I have been reading your writing from the early days of your blogging,you very much justifying here in this article on Bihar your own class and the qualities as Bill kirkman has noted.Thanks for your superb take and congrats for an accolades of Bill Kirkman-Thomas Mathew

  3. I am very much impressed with "Edge of being Bihar",the way you have covered the topic is commendable-Ashutosh Jha

  4. Bihar really moved up on basic indices...let's see for crucial advancement now,though I am hopeful now-Ashutosh Thakur

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    what he is lacking vehementally
    Saahil: but no one's in sight in near future to be honest..
    me: yes,even not from the opposition
    public life is liable to be bandwagon of corruption
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    Communsits-UPAII-Corrupt regime..
    Saahil: yes.. agreed..
    me: first five years were somehow good
    Saahil: I just keep on thinking of ways of how we as individual citizens can do something... no success so far..
    me: with huge focus on social sector
    though leave the fair execution....
    Saahil: social sector schemes have become cash cows for middlemen from what I read
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    in rural areas...wouldn't u believe,not even a chunk of that allocation reached to the target group
    Saahil: all this I think is just 'evidence', a reflection of true state of things.. only fundamental solutions can help..
    Have you traveled to some rural areas and observed this
    me: yes,
    even I hail from the hinterland of Bihar
    Saahil: ok
    me: very literate in some manner..
    but on overall developmental indices,it falls badly
    Nitish Kumar is doing great..he is the sole hope in Indian politics
    far away from cheap and crony formulations
    Saahil: I hope..
    me: Ramchandra Guha has high opinion about him
    personally too,he conveyed me just after the flashing of mandate
    i had given him a call
    much before that,he cited overtly during his book launch at Habitat centre
    that after Obama,i consider Nitish as best thoughtful leader of present time
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    me: which one
    Saahil: India After Gandhi
    which is his latest book?
    me: great it meticulously
    and after that,read his book on cricket
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