Saturday, March 31, 2012

Essential Etiquettes

Book Review: Business-Self Help/Business Etiquette by Shital Kakkar Mehra, Collins Business/Harper Collins publishers, 2944 pp; Rs250 (Paperback)

Shital Mehra is the lone figure in Indian corporate, who thought sincerely to write and spread awareness on Corporate Etiquette...for last four years, she has been writing a column for Economic Times-Corporate Dossier on soft business skills and now with her book, she is allowing a chance to those who found lesser pastime to read pink papers quite regularly but never feel short to do business. For doing business, etiquette is very essential-that can be to an extant enhanced and optimized by reading this book and further keeping ideas in practice..!

I have been reading Shital Kakkar Mehra's columns on business etiquette in Economic Times/Corporate Dossier for years and one morning was glad to found her on my blog's followers list. Her book “Business Etiquette” deserves to be read by all aspiring/and established folks in corporate world, who either lacks collective demeanour or knows it little...and also by those who wants to confirm their actual hold on behavioral action.

Under the consistent bad fluctuations in global market, the overall morale of working class has badly deteriorated. Peoples management lacking the essence of functional etiquette from top towards the middle to the bottom Shital’s book would be of great help in specially bringing some basic redefinition of much needed etiquette among influential authorities.I read the book and found it very-very useful, those who are less savvy with the ET, will be more benefited with reading Shital's take on business etiquette!

The new world of open trade has substantial binding over many paradigms of life. Under its guise, sphere of culture is also passing through a very new situation that was never so compulsive for an integrated existence-even though with many direct or indirect disclaimers. In the last two decades, world has changed rapidly and made peoples more and more close in terms with all things superly activated in search of accomplishing hyped anticipated commercial goals. By its effects, productivity being taken only in price terms and values are thought for sidelining…lately, such tendency marring even the lowest possible ethics in behavioural terms.

Here is need of immediate relooking on the sidelined essential etiquettes for making business sustainable and more decent that what it is in present form. Also, etiquettes should be known and practiced more as a universally applicable quality rather categorizing it among the many blocks. Hence, for practicing business etiquettes, learning social norms would be remain imperative. With subtle details, this work would endow its readers some very important basics of etiquettes…its prolongations from business to the different domains will be highly desirable.

Learning always helps in finding the maximum insights and in most of cases, it never comes too early or late. Only matters, how one take the success in commerce or in other field as for transitory sake or look for a stable landmark! In fair world, that up to extant being decided by etiquette…in alternative world, terms and conditions hardly exists-we all know this open secret!
Atul Kumar Thakur
March 31, 2012, Saturday, New Delhi

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