Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wariness and hope in UP!

Neither Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarian search of “maximum happiness” in a democracy, or Marxist’s approach for classless society within a complete socialistic state fit well to idealise the Samajwadi Party’s sudden emphatic and unprecedented rise in recently held UP assembly election. Instead Machiavellian aspirations seems more closely working behind the modestly deserving transfer of baton to once this unholy entity and now a less worse option, which still believe much ahead from auxiliary terms on the effectiveness of crime and criminals!

Whose early sign is induction of well known history-sheeter Raja Bhaiya in Akhilesh Yadav’s front placed cabinet. If also adding some early hooliganism of flamboyant Samajwadi Party workers in Lucknow and various other parts of the state in the wake of unexpected poll victory, the fallacy of change appears more quickly. At this point, arguing against the statistical over performance of SP is really very daunting but hardly the same dilemma would be haunting, if one will dare to see the political change in UP not very genuine unlike Bihar in 2005.

If then Nitish Kumar was chosen with BJP as the resort of last hope in crumbling Bihar, it was because the situation indeed so far became so much starker in the hand of corrupt RJD, indifferent Congress, distracted LJP, weak Communist parties, that it had to be an inevitable occurrence. But the same is still not true in UP with BSP stands with 26% votes even in the dire anti-incumbency wave unlike the principle opposition parties in Bihar which touched the brink of extinction in last assembly election held in 2010. That refers, BSP will be remain a major political force in UP despite this fall and for securing SP from BSP’s potential revival in future, Akhilesh has to fight hard against his own party’s shortcomings beside ensuring the governance and investment in state instead of luring peoples with harmful freebies alone.

As young scion of almost a family run party, SP, Akhilesh too didn't have any magical wand to supersede Rahul Gandhi but his symbolic gestures of averseness with crime and sacking of infamous liability, D.P.Yadav in last moments worked miraculously very well. Earlier too, he played sensible part in sidelining Mohan Singh, throwing Amar Singh out from the party and in pacifying the parochial ambitions of old party carders including of his two uncles who lately shown discomfort for his leadership. As an aging father and leader, Mulayam Singh Yadav couldn't have better time than this to secure his family domination continues. And ofcourse, Akhislesh was the sole hope for him, same thought by the hapless masses and history was made differently in haste!

Moreover BSP has shown in recent past how India's democracy could be participative and spoiling platform for identity activism. Over the years, under excessive personified command of Mayawati, party left merely with a shadow of its earlier self and ironically, its core afflicted with all feudal tracts against those the Bahujan Samaj movement was once formed and propelled. That lead to spoiling resentment against the party’s fortune, and finally a broad base of support fragmented, alienated and rejected the BSP as a party to rule any longer in Lucknow.

However, in snapshot, consistent follies of Congress could be solely attributed for atleast seventy-five more seats and increasing one sided support for SP. Rest BJP and RLD fought and gain as par their conserving capacities, so shocks and awes in their camps are naturally restricted. State politics acts like mirror of Indian democracy; it has proven again with the verdict of UP elections...the basic functional ideas won over the structured and over surfacial political shrewdness of BSP, Congress, BJP, and RLD!

So far known for his clean and progressive image, if the new chief minister as par promises would have no disinterest with being the anti-thesis of his own party’s practicing ideologies, then indeed his stint will make people hopeful. For now, it would be desirable for him to keep the maligned components within the party and outside of it on its toe, for completely concentrating on the much needed developmental priorities. So far, he has clean image and that’s encouraging even amidst the approaching uncertainties of performances lying ahead. If he will win the small races, he would sure be more acceptable as leader among masses.

As grooming prudent practitioner of grassroot politics, here need is for him or anyone else in fray to not confuse statistical supremacy as absolute beingness, instead for permanency, political ideas should always chase the long term capabilities that lie in securing consistent mass base. He is more fortunate than Nitish Kumar in Bihar, as he have not succeeded a bankrupt state economy but still many challenges are umpteenth and identical, for that looking on Bihar model of revival would not be a wasted attempt for him. Beyond the essential execution of governance policies and infrastructure development, fetching industrial investment would be a challenging task for Akhilesh Yadav.

Here a conscious effort have to be made from his side, as the closeness of respective cohorts have did immensely harm to the UP’s industrial prospects in past. Notwithstanding the old paradigms would be desirable from mass point of views, so it will be healthy for new government too. Afterall the reasons of jubilation have come from people and rationally, it should be reverted back if the windblown was really pragmatic.

In my preceding piece (The Boisterous UP Election Scene, Mainstream, February 11, 2012) on similar theme, I was close with my opinion for SP lead government in UP but in numbers terms neither I had speculated nor felt it essential. What for me the basis of change was after feeling the fragility of political acts that done by all rest parties barring SP-this was the sole party in contest which had a fresh and clean leader to offer. Between wariness and hope, the new leadership was accepted, rest time will set the course in UP!
Atul Kumar Thakur
March 23, 2012, Friday, New Delhi
(Published in Mainstream Weekly,June 09,2012)

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